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Are you still struggling to make your best Pizza?

The common mistakes that pizza beginners do is not knowing the difference between flours, the role of yeast in the dough and its relationship with temperatures. This will affect your result which almost the time is a sort of “try to guess”.¬†


The Graziani Pizza Academy courses are a great opportunity to learn the skills you need to become more expert in homemade pizza, giving you the basic knowledge to understand better the fermentation process and all the techniques to make your best pizza at home.


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Foto Pizza Napoletana class with Graziani Homemade

how to become a home pizza chef!

The Basic Course is aimed at those who want to acquire the original technique of the True Neapolitan Pizza and is suitable both for those who have never been a pizza maker and for those with a minimum of experience. All you need to know in terms of making the Traditional Neapolitan Pizza


Best Pizza
less equipment


Pan Pizza masterclass by Graziani homemade Pizza Academy

The Best Pizza using your domestic oven!

The Pan Pizza is the classic leavened pizza to be prepared at home. It is one of those types of pizza that are easy to make at home and that do not require a lot of equipment, a pan, the right flour, some ingredients and your home oven is all you need to make this fantastic pizza.

Do you want to give the best present to those you love?

Make someone feel special by giving them a pizza class with Graziani homemade. A unique experience to learn the secrets of homemade pizza.

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For some, only the Neapolitan – which is certainly the most historic and most famous – would have the right to be called pizza. For others, perhaps grown at different latitudes in Italy, pizza is the thin and crunchy one, of Roman tradition, certainly lighter to eat. And then there are the pizzas by the slice, the fried ones, those with a high and soft dough that is often used as a “pure” base for elaborate toppings and those that are neither one thing nor the other, but are simply good.

In short, in Italy, not to mention the rest of the world, pizza is the protagonist of a “diversity” similar to that of many other products.
And even in this case, it seems to us a great wealth to be proud and happy of, since this means being able to eat many different, very good pizzas


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Pan Pizza Masterclass by Graziani homemade
cooking a pizza Napoletana inside a wood fire over during a pizza class with graziani homemade
Learning how to make a pizza Napoletana at home here in Brisbane.
Group Pan Pizza class in Brisbane by Graziani Homemade Pizza Academy
Pan Pizza Group Class
Stretching a Pizza Napoletana during a Class
Learn how to make your best pizza at home during the Brisbane Pan pizza class by Graziani homemade.

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Marco is very professional. I really enjoyed having a cooking class with him! His knowledge is invaluable. Highly recommended!
Marco's expertise and passion for cooking is to be admired. He runs his business with his heart and integrity. Grazie Marco!
Marco's expertise, attention to detail and teaching skills were impressive. The masterclass was super fun and delicious!

Pizza Masterclass

Pizza Masterclass

Pizza Masterclass