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Pan pizza class

Pan Pizza Masterclass

The Softness of the Pan Pizza

The Pan Pizza is the classic leavened pizza to be prepared at home: High, Soft and slightly crunchy on the bottom! A unique delicacy that everyone loves madly with any type of condiment!
It is one of those types of pizza that are easy to make at home and that do not require a lot of equipment, a pan, the right flour, some ingredients and your home oven is all you need to make this fantastic pizza.
Tasty, light and easy to digest.
All in just 6 hours.


What I will learn from this class?

  • Pizza Basic Theory – Fermentation, flour types, the importance of yeast and its relationship with temperature
  • Making Dough – All the skills and tricks to achieve a great pizza dough.
  • Dough Forming – form the perfect shape just like the experts
  • Pizza Stretching – Stretching the pizza and managing the dough in a pan.
  • Pizza Seasoning –  how to make and garnish the classic and famous Margherita Pizza and Focaccia.
  • The importance of cooking – how to best use your domestic oven.

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Learn "The Art of Making Pizza" at Home.

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