Pizza Napoletana Class

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The Art of Making Pizza

The Basic Course is aimed at those who want to acquire the original technique of the True Neapolitan Pizza and is suitable both for those who have never been a pizza maker and for those with a minimum of experience, as well as for entrepreneurs interested in investing in a Neapolitan pizzeria. The course is mainly practical but during the 9 days all the main theoretical aspects connected to the realization of the Neapolitan pizza and to the knowledge of the products of the production chain are addressed.

What I will learn from this class?

  • Pizza Basic Theory – The difference between flours, the fermentation process. 
  • Making Dough – the skills and tricks to achieve the perfect pizza dough.
  • Pizza Stretching – the typical Neapolitan “Slap Technique” just like the professional pizza chef. 
  • Pizza Seasoning – how to make the classic and famous Margherita Pizza. 
  • The importance of cooking – how to best use your wood or gas oven to obtain a great Pizza Napoletana. 
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pizza class location

Where is it located?

This is a PRIVATE class and it will be located at your place.

You don't have a wood or gas oven yet?

Don’t worry, I will bring my little mobile oven.

roccbox oven
time of the class

how long will the class last?

3 hours

Buon Appetito!

It is time to enjoy, it’s time to eat

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